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Dear fellow memory athletes,

We all share a passion for memory sports. The community of enthusiastic and ambitious people from all over the world is growing by the day. The phenomenon of memory championships is spreading over the entire planet and every year there are more national and international competitions for us to compete at. With a growing community there is an equally growing need for communication and exchange of ideas and concerns regarding all memory sports related matters. Like with all great sports in the world there comes a time to associate the athletes with each other to strive for a collective ideal and to let the sport grow by exchanging ideas and making friends. In memory sports this time has come now!

As members of the global memory village and as dedicated active memory athletes at the same time, we are taking the initiative to put the spark of this idea onto the torch of a worldwide organization. We like to use the simple but adequate working title “Memory Athlete Association”. This acts as a foundation stone of a vision for a democratic association of actively involved memory athletes in the future.

Although there are many inactive people who would also enrich the pool of ideas and concepts for memory sports, the basic idea is to bring only active memory athletes together for now. This will strengthen our foundation and focus on the needs of memory sports competitors. Therefore we would like to invite all memory athletes who did compete within the last three years at least at one memory championship. This includes memory competitions following the World Memory Sports Council (WMSC) guideline, memory competitions organized by Memoriad but also other official competitions like the US Memory Championsships or the new Extreme Memory Tournament. This means we are no body of any organization and therefore act as a body of our own concerns and ideas – always in the interest of memory sports and regardless of any specific tournament format.

At the moment we are merely coming together and gathering all contacts of interested athletes. Together we will determine a way for the future to speak with one voice. We respect all ideas, nationalities and religions and encourage you to become a gear of this wheel.

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With eyes full of awe directed towards the endless potential of our hobby and sport we are tripping the light and dance into a mutual future as one body with one shared voice.

With best interest and love,


Nelson Dellis

Raj Jain


Boris Konrad


Yudi Lesmana


Johannes Mallow


Ben Pridmore


Simon Reinhard


Ola Kåre Risa

Ola Kåre

Meriem Yezza


Florian Dellé


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